How do I get my microgreens?

Microgreens are harvested on Friday mornings and are delivered to St. Albert and Edmonton during the day.  I am flexible with delivery; if you wont be home I can drop your greens with a friend, family member or your work. We can also arrange pick up.

How much does delivery cost?

There is a $1 delivery fee on all orders under $20.

What if I'm not home for my delivery time?

Extreme temperatures will affect the quality of the microgreens.  If no one will be home in warmer temperatures you can set out a cooler with an ice pack.  In winter someone needs to be home to accept them.  I deliver all over the city, if you would like them delivered to an alternative address email me and I will do my best to accommodate.

Are the seeds Micro Eats uses organic?

Micro Eats only uses organic, non-GMO, pathogen tested seeds that are grown in soil and watered with city water.  There are no pesticides or fertilizers used.

How long will my microgreens last?

Wash your microgreens to remove seed hulls and dirt. Dry thoroughly and refrigerate.  They will keep for at about 2 weeks.

What do you do with the microgreens you do not sell?

All leftover product is taken to the food bank.

Do you reuse your containers?

Micro Eats uses compostable packaging that can be put in the cities of Edmonton and St. Albert green bins and brought to the Edmonton Compost Facility.