Intensely Flavourful.

Nutrient dense microgreens add a beautiful depth to nearly any dish whether you’re a chef, a food enthusiast or trying to be a little more health conscious. These tiny veggie plants can easily be integrated into the meals you already know and love.


Delivery is $1 anywhere in St. Albert and Edmonton or free with the purchase of 4 or more containers.

Freshness Guaranteed

Microgreens are harvested and delivered on Fridays. Freshness is guaranteed!

Easy Payment Options

Cash on delivery? Online Payment? Subscriptions? We got it all, buying microgreens just became easier.

Greens for any occasion.

At Micro Eats, we offer a wide variety microgreens grown locally in Edmonton and available year round. Add them to salads, wraps, sandwiches, and smoothies. Eggs, pasta, pizza and tacos. When it comes to microgreens, the only limit is your imagination!


Shop our collection of greens and unlock your imagination to fun and delicious eating.

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House Mixes

No, it's not your Spotify playlist but think of these as a blend of your favorites. Spicy or mellow palette? It's your choice!

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